Friday, 12 November 2004

IMBB Events

Did you know that there are a number of Is My Blog Burning? food blogging events underway? Click on the link to the blog and see which event you can participate in. Right now the events for November are:

Sugar High Fridays - 12th November (alright it's a bit late now but still doable). Hosted by the Domestic Goddess .

Does My Blog Look Good In This? - 15th November hosted by Ronald.

IMBB #10 - 21st November also hosted by the Domestic Goddess.

Do join and participate and 'meet' other food bloggers and of course have lots of culinary fun. We cooking enthusiasts sometimes need some challenges to discover other culinary delights that we would not otherwise stray into and what better way to force us :-) than to participate in these events! Come on and have a go ...

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