Tuesday, 2 November 2004

I Can't Believe There's No Butter !

Nigella Lawson's latest cookbook is under fire (or is it in hotwater?) in a London Times online article.

Oh shock shock horror horror! Nigella forgot to put butter in her list of ingredients! Let's phone Westminister and complain about this stupefying omission. NOT. I didn't know cookbook misprints can cause such coverage. ::Groan:: What's the matter? Nothing more serious left to report on the news? I would expect this in the food section but not at the front of an online newspaper. Well at least it gave me something to blog about. :-) A printer's mistake does not deserve a "front page" treatment, in my opinion. Although the celebrity status accorded to these chefs can get really out of hand, but for a foodie like me it has its positive side. It raises people's awareness and educates everyone in being more discerning on the food we prepare and eat. That is a good thing. It usually leads to better nutrition and hopefully better health for the readers and viewers.

Hmm, maybe I could try to do that Nigella cake without butter let's see how it turns out.


rowena said...

Okay, so I just went back and read a few of your older posts....now because now I just HAVE to try some of the recipes. I'm in filipino food heaven

celia kusinera said...

hi Rowena, wow a Hawaiian-Filipina in Italy. I saw your blog and I'm glad it's a food blog. Me and my family looove Italian food. I think I'll become a regular in your blog. :-)

drstel said...

it's hard to be a celebrity ha? looks like just an editing error. I think I'll dig out the version I downloaded fr NYTimes and test it. Didn't know they take these things so seriously. I guess if you're selling a cookbook you have to be doubly devout and vigilant in testing/editing everything...nice photo of sotanghon! spoon looks like i can pop it in to my mouth ahm ahm ahm ahm (a la cookie monster).