Tuesday, 22 February 2011


I'm so happy, I'm so giddy, I'm so happy and giddy and gay! (to the tune of I Feel Pretty). Why do I feel this way? I found these chocolate covered marzipan in my local Lidl shop. You know how I loooooove these ground almond concoction. And now knowing that I can have my twice-a-year marzipan fix made me so so much happier. See, Lidl only sells these during Christmas and Easter time. I know the latter is still a good 2 months away but the shops are already awash with Easter eggs. I wouldn't complain with the crass materialism of a supposedly religious event as long as I can have my yummylicious chocolate marzipan. LOL.

Well, actually I can have them any time of the year by buying from premium brands. But there's no way my conscience can get over the guilt of spending so much. So these very good value for money Lidl ones are what I eagerly await twice a year! Not having them often makes them even more a reason to celebrate during these times.