Wednesday, 6 August 2008


I love seafood - that includes not only fish but most importantly prawns and crabs. It might have something to do with me growing up in a fishing village and eating seafood almost everyday. Of all the ones I mentioned, it is only the crab that I haven't tried buying fresh and cooking here in UK. Like prawns they are quite pricey and you get less per weight because of the thick outer shell. But man, once you get into the meat it is heaven!

Of particular note is the Alaskan king crab which is particularly noted for its size. Their legs/claws are usually more than a foot long. And of course they are also known for their very white tasty meat. Unfortunately, the dwindling numbers of Alaskan king crabs, notwithstanding the dangerous environment for their fishing offshore of Alaska, means higher prices for us consumers.

Nevertheless, it does not prevent me from dreaming of cooking them, eating them, etc. I even clipped recipes of the likes of Maryland crab cakes (yum!), Singaporean chilli crabs (drool!), and even crab linguini (slurppp!) in the hope that someone (a friend?) might give me, say, a bucket of Alaskan king crabs and ask me to cook them. Hah! What a dream ...

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