Friday, 18 July 2008

Small Baths

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Ever since we moved to our current house two years ago we have been wanting to renovate our bathroom and toilet. It's not in a very good state right now although it is still usable. There are always DIY magazines strewn about in the house for us to plan or dream on what we can do. We also visit bathroom stores from time to time and drool at the gleaming spanking new fixtures. It progressed on to even drawing out plans and a rough bill of materials for our dream bathroom.

As we found out one of the constraint in this country is the size of the houses and consequently the bathrooms. Space is cramped so wanting to have a big bathtub or a jacuzzi is a constant challenge. Fortunately, British traders supply demand for small baths and small everything for the bathrooms. So you can find lots of designs and types of small baths in all DIY and home improvement shops and on the internet market.

The one beauty of having small baths is you don't use up as much water as a big sized one. This is a boon for water-conservation minded people or people like me who hates any kind of waste. A lot of people I know, and probably most people in the UK like me, have a bath only a few times a year. Wait a minute, don't think that we stink for the rest of the time. A shower is what we usually have. My point is why have a huge bathtub if you're only going to use it a few times a year? A small bath would be good enough to have.

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