Sunday, 20 July 2008

Life Lock

The advent of easy access to data and information helped by great advances in computers and in the internet spawned a great deal of new generation of thieves that deals with stealing identity data from you. This would include, but not limited to, getting hold of your personal details such as name, birthdate, addresses, phone numbers, family details, work details, etc. But more worryingly they are able to acquire financial details such as bank accounts, credit cards, credit reports, etc. The result of which usually ends up with the victim being conned and scammed of hard earned money, his/her back account emptied, or credit cards used to the limit and left the bill to be taken cared of by the victim.

There are a number of companies that you can employ to help you be protected. One of them is Life Lock - a company that has a comprehensive scheme of reporting and safeguards that can help you with a comfortable level of protection. It a well established company in the US that has assisted a lot of people in controlling and preventing identity theft.

Life Lock currently have an ongoing discount promotion. You can avail of this by simply clicking on lifelock promo code at and enter the word 'RD17'.

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