Sunday, 14 January 2007

Bell Pepper Salad

Last time I stayed with my sister in Geneva she served me this salad. We really don't know its name. She got the idea when she was served this at a friend's party who also don't have a name for it. So I just named it after the dominant veg.

I'm not a big fan of raw bell peppers but this veg combination and the cheese complementing it had me sold on the idea. It had definite echoes from a traditional Greek salad but is much simpler and, in my opinion, healthier without the olive oil.

This is perfect paired with meat dishes giving a refreshing respite from the richness and oil of the meat with its crunch and tang. Slight saltiness comes from the feta cheese to save it from being on the edge of being bland. You can easily replace the feta with any crumbly cheese like the Filipino kesong puti (white cheese) or cottage cheese. Of course you have to adjust the seasonings according to the cheese of your choice.

Bell Pepper Salad

1 yellow bell pepper* - deseeded and diced
1 orange bell pepper* - deseeded and diced
1 cucumber
3 medium tomatoes
100 g  feta cheese (or any crumbly cheese)
salt and pepper to taste
  1. Cut the ends of the cucumber. Cut in half lengthwise. Scrape the center of the cucumber and discard. Slice the cucumber into small cubes.
  2. Slice the tomatoes crosswise and remove the seeds. Cut into small cubes.
  3. Mix all the vegetables in a serving bowl. Season to taste with salt and/or pepper*.
  4. Crumble the feta cheese on top. Chill.
  5. Before serving toss the vegetables with the cheese.

*Note: If you can't find these colours in bell peppers, just choose two of different colours - red and green for example.

Put less salt for salty cheese like feta and more salt for blander cheeses like kesong puti or cottage cheese.

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