Sunday, 2 October 2005

Lasang Pinoy 2: Cooking Up A Storm - The Round-up

Sorry folks if this is late in coming, my flu got in the way. :(
Anyhow, let's get started with the business of blogging. As you know the Lasang Pinoy food blogging event was started by Karen and Stef, mainly to promote Filipino cuisine but also as an excuse to blog about Pinoy food we love. ;)

The entries we have in this edition are all wonderful recollections (usually) of the things we had as children during storm-lashed days. Some are used the time-honored food from the can or simple cooked food using the limited range available during typhoons. Without much ado, here is the weather report on the delightful entries to Lasang Pinoy second edition:

  • Over at the 'eye of the storm' in Asia, swirling clouds gathering are bringing several inches of rain and great gusts of wind. This is enough to wreak havoc in the vicinity and made bloggers cook up some ...

    • ChicaJo of 80 Breakfasts gave us her very well presented Binakol. She also regaled us with memories of her beloved lola who loves that tinola with a twist.

    • Annabanana in the same named blog, revealed her uncontested position as a her family's burping champion in their sopas ang guinataan foodfest during storms. Though I doubt if she still does the same in Korea where she currently resides which made her contribute the storm comfort food of that land with the spicy looking dishes of Nokdu Bindaeteok, Buchimgae, Pajeon.

    • Kai of Bucaio have Fried Tuyo and Sardines Omelette, besides extolling the vitues of tuyong dilis and fried eggs in the yearly flooding of Pangasinan.

    • Father RV, Kai's Jesuit priest friend (now in Mobile, Lousiana) who did not let the twin disasters of hurricanes Katrina and Rita deter him to blog about being comforted by Champorado, Ginatan, and Palitaw during his boyhood experiences of typhoons in the Phillipines.

    • Lou of Chickpeace adores Ginisang Munggo whether housebound by typhoons in Hong Kong or in the floods of her native Malolos, Bulacan.

    • Iska's Pritong Tilapia and Talong con Kamatis and Bagoong over at Iska's Recipes (based in Beijing) is great eaten with your bare hands during a windy and chilly stormy day.

    • Mike of LaFang in Brunei, made up for lost time in not making it to Lasang Pinoy 1 by giving us two entries - Ginisang Monggo and Spicy Sardinas Guisado. His pictures and reminiscing of storms in his native Santiago, Isabela really sent me down memory lane.

    • MarketMan of Market Manila, recalled the aftermath of one of the most destructive typhoons to hit the Philippines - Typhoon Yoling, and in the course, re-learned how to make the delicious Sinigang sa Bayabas.

    • One of our first time contributors, Mira of Mirsbin, shared with us her recipe of one of her 'cold bed' comfort food, Shanghai Fried Rice.

    • The Panda at Pan de Panda, have Daing na Bangus to do the trick of comforting her during wind-howlingly stormy days.

    • Sassy of Pinoy Cook, recalled her superstitious lola and how she introduced her to the virtues of Salabat. Her grandma, their house, and the storms also made her remember Egg Pie, which was regularly bought by her aunt as an afternoon treat.

    • Karen of Pilgrim's Pots and Pans shared not only her childhood food memories during storms but also the recipe of the meticulously spiced (undoubtedly delectable) Albus Itu.

    • Manny, Karen's blogging guest, has an example of turning his childhood typhoon food memories to a business potential. He shared with us his recipe for the yummy gnocci-looking Gulgoria.

    • Lani of Worthless Anik-Anik loves one abundant food during rainy season - Talangka. As a serious talangka connoiseur, she also have a tip on what to have as afters.

  • Scattered rains and increasing strong winds are currently buffeting North America. The inclement weather did not deter our bloggers ...

    • Organa Monster of Ang Sarap loves her aunt's Goto so much that several disastrous attempts did not discourage her from trying again and again 'til finally perfecting it.

    • Stel aka Babyrambutan recalled how Typhoon Yoling pried open their roof like a sardine can and soaked them all wet. Fittingly, her entry of Crab and Corn Soup, is all to do with memories of eating canned food during that big bad storm.

    • Stef blogging at Beyond Adobo drew our attention to an aptly named Typhoon restaurant in Santa Monica, California, serving what else but Pinoy food!

    • Ladygoat over at Foodgoat, took out her canned vienna sausages mixed up with mayo, pickles, and spices to make some Vienna Sausage Sandwich Spread. I definitely am gonna try that though I have to find them sausages first here in UK. ;)

    • Jmom residing In Our Kitchen, is one of our participants who can't help but cook more than one for our theme. I say give me Meat Ball Soup and Ligo Sardines Sauteed with Bok Choy anytime.

    • Phisch over at In That Number, was one of the earliest contributors in this blogging event. She toasted some rice, ground it, mixed with some water, some sugar and voila you have Rice Coffee!

    • Stef again in her main blog Stefoodie, relived songs and memories when she was still living in the Philippines and trying to brave the rains. Like most of us, her canned food supply during storms put her in good stead to give us Ginisang Sardinas at Misua.

    • Ting food blogging World Class Cuisine, recalled her growing up years in her beloved Baguio and how her mother's smart thinking of using what's in season inspired her to do Daing na Bangus and Tuyo.

  • And finally, in the vicinity of Europe, a brewing storm over in the Atlantic is bringing rain, hail, and fierce winds. People are bracing for the coming bad weather and what better inspiration on what to partake at the dinner table than to head over to ...

    • Celia [das me! ehem ;)] of English Patis, as an alternative to boiling root crops, decided to grate and steam cassava just like her grandma does to do Kalangkang.

    • Thess across the channel blogging at Eetsmakelijk, shared her unfortunate story of nearly drowning in flood waters! Luckily she's still with us to make my favourite Nilupak.

And that folks, concludes our Lasang Pinoy 2 weather report. Please visit the blogs mentioned above and take inspiration from the food they're offering.
If you think I missed any entry please do bring it to my attention.

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