Saturday, 23 July 2005

Cookbook Meme

Charlie of What's Cooking? and Stel of Baby Rambutan both tagged me in another meme. Just in time to have some break from all the baking and cooking. This gotta be my favourite of all the memes passed to me. I'm the type who has cookbooks for bedtime reading ...

1. Total number of cookbooks I own.

54 (not including the food magazines and hundreds of clippings)

2. Last cookbook I bought.

Brian Turner's Favourite British Recipes

3. Last food/cook book I read.

Book of Baking by Sue Lawrence

4. Five (cook)books that mean a lot to me.

Why only five? Most of the cookbooks I list here are ones that taught me the basics of cooking mostly from the time I went away and got married. You can easily tell due to the state they're in that they're favourites - dog eared, worn out, food splattered, no cover, etc. I wanted to put in my old beloved Betty Crocker's as well but I lost it when my sister's friend borrowed it then said it 'burned' in an office fire. Yeah right. Hmmmp!

Let's Cook with Nora Daza - when I first set up house with my husband, I only know how to cook the standard Filipino fare of adobo, nilaga, sinigang, and the odd fried fish (or fried anything for that matter). So this was indispensable to me in jogging my memory on how to cook other Filipino dishes.

Maya Cookfest series - my friend Nanette gifted me with the first 2 of this and I bought the last 2. It gives me joy just reading the recipes, always imagining and salivating on cooking the great dishes there.

Chinese Cuisine & Chinese Cooking for Beginners by Huang Su-Huei - this pair guided me a lot in creating and imitating tasty Chinese dishes we had while living in Hong Kong. They are one of my most cherished cookbooks.

How to Cook series by Delia Smith - again another one of my reference books (this time for Western cuisine) whom I consult whenever I want to find out how to cook certain basic ingredients or dishes. Her recipes always work.

The Food of the Philippines by Reynaldo Alejandro - a very good source of information about Filipino food and the recipes work, too.

5. Which five people would you like to see fill this out in their blog?

Most of the people I know has been tagged already so I hope these five haven't been yet:

Thess of Eets Makelijk
Annalyn of Ajay's Writings On The Wall
Ling of Little Gingko Nut
Dilek of Dilek'ce
Riana of For The Love of Baking

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