Thursday, 27 January 2005

China China

Last weekend we went to central London to drop off Dennis on his way home to the Midlands. No venture of ours to that area will be complete without having a meal in Chinatown.

A real favourite haunt to fill our craving for anything of Hong Kong chinese cuisine. We usually go to a dimsum house to have yum cha where waitresses wheel carts around laden with yummy morsels of food. This time everyone wants noodle soup (probably the wintry weather has something to do with this). We didn't have to go far, our target restaurant is right beside the Chinese arches.

China China has been in that corner of Gerrard St. for the longest time. It had several incarnations with the latest minimalist decor making it look more neat and tidy. Noodle soups are good here, we ordered beef and duck. The steamed choi sum with oyster sauce is not far behind together with the egg fried rice. But the only thing I care about here is their Crispy Baby Squid with Chilli and Garlic. A standard fare in most Chinese resto and takeaways, it usually comes as squid slices. Here it's whole small squids crispy fried with equally crispy garlic slices and chilli. They are great! Yum!

After lunch we waddled around to help our digestion. I noticed a cake/pastry shop just across where all manner of cakes, snacks, and delicacies are of the typical HK style. Prices though are London style meaning - expensive! But I just have to admire the cakes (also of HK variety). Icings are fresh whipped cream on sponge cakes and decorated with fresh fruits. Isn't it lovely?

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