Saturday, 7 August 2004

First Course

I felt the need to put down on paper all our family favourite recipes mainly because my children are getting interested in cooking and are constantly asking for the recipes. Instead of just typing these in MSWord I thought why not blog about them?

I intend to log here Filipino traditional or family favourites that were handed down from my mother and grandparents and other cooking experiments that are usually from cookbooks and magazines. Recipes/food featured here are not the haute cuisine type of thing. They are usually rustic and are what my family actually eats. So there won't be any of your complicated high fallutin' nosh here - definitely! I'm too lazy for that.

Besides the food influences of my parents and my maternal grandfather in particular, I often scour cookbooks or food websites for recipes that I think would be hits. When I first cook these, (my engineering background usually takes over) I would follow it precisely to the letter even getting the very exact ingredient it requires. Once I get the intention of the chef/cook then that's the time I improvise or adjust. So oftentimes the recipes here would say that it is adapted from this and that cookbook. Ingredients would lean towards what I can source from here in UK. And measurements would generally be in metric (unless I got it from an a US source).

My food preference leans toward Asian food mostly Filipino and Chinese although I am open to all other types of cuisines. So let's blog-a-cook on!

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