Saturday, 12 September 2009



What's the best dip companion for crisp fried danggit? Why spicy vinegar of course, smothered in copious amount of hot steaming fluffy rice. I have to admit spicy hot food have not always been my cup of tea. When it comes to these fire-breathing, tongue-scorching food I'm a bonafide coward. My tongue tends to be on the sensitive side and needs some TLC. I prefer distinguishing distinct spice flavours instead of being swamped and overwhelmed by heat. It's no wonder I use spicy hot dips sparingly.


Pinakurat, the spicy vinegar dip from Iligan City, was introduced to me by my BIL - Derek. Unlike most spicy vinegars from the Philippines, Pinakurat managed to get the sourness, spices and hotness balanced just right. It actually tastes of some other spices other than the ubiquitous chillies. Mind you the hotness comes to you gradually not like an in-your-face typical hot spiciness common among other brands. Pinakurat is now my choice dip for crispy fried anything including the excellent danggit, tocino, and tapa. Yum!


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ChichaJo said...

I love pinakurat too! One of my favorite local vinegars :) My hubby's aunt makes her own special timpla that we love!

butterfly said...

Hello Na-add kita sa blogg list ko ha...palagi kasi ako tingin sa recipe mo...nice to meet you....

Here from Sweden...

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celia kusinera said...

ChicaJo welcome to the club! :)

Hello there Butterfly ! Nice to meet you, too. ;)

punkrocktatay said...

wow. may pinakurat diyan sa england? Asteg! MAgkano diyan yan? Nice blog spot. ill link it to mine, if youll permit. digs.

Unknown said...

hi, yan pala yung kinukwento nila na pinakurat - kumakain kami ng chicharon the other day and they said masarap dito pinakurat!!!

peaceful christmas and happy healthy wealthy new year to you and your family from the agbayanis in gva - hi din kina citas

Amy B. said...

i LOVE pinakurat!!!!! especially with danggit, you're right! MMM u just made me hungry!

Ana said...

love this combo absolutely brilliant! The original Pinakurat from Iligan is still the BEST. I don't like Datu Puti's Pinoy Kurat version at all.