Thursday, 9 February 2006

Meme: Three tips to losing weight

Now I need these tips badly. I am supposed to be on a diet but as often I find myself slipping into snack attacks - of the most yummy and weight-busting kind! Help! Mel of Hecticium tagged me for this almost a month ago. It's always at the back of my mind ever since but I couldn't find the time to sit down and type away things I found useful in my perpetual quest for the perfect body weight. Here they are and I hope you find them benficial to you:
  1. Drink lots of water. Even when not on a diet, we don't often take the recommended amount of water everyday. We need it much more when we're demanding a change in our body during diets. The recommended daily amount is between 6-8 glasses. Believe me when we drink it that much and that often you'll feel so much refreshed and our skin will look nicer afterall it washes away toxins from our body and gives us a very necessary ingredient to our bodily functions. Drink up!

  2. Exercise regularly. I should tell this to myself. *sigh* It's becoming a habit now of me forgetting to exercise to help in the shedding of the pounds. As you well know, just dieting will not make your weight loss stick. With a regular regime of exercise, not only will your weight loss accelerate but it will most likely help keep it off. Besides exercise makes your body secrete endorphines which makes us happy bunnies.

  3. Right frame of mind. For me this is one of the most crucial thing before I set off to do something. I have to visualise it and create it in my mind first before physically acting on it. Otherwise the venture would be just half-hearted and many times won't work. So it's important for me to start a diet with a firm resolve and will power to carry it through.

Well I hope I can follow my own advise. ;) I actually don't know who to tag next so if you're interested please tag yourself. Now, I think I was tagged for another meme ... what was that one? Hmmm ... thimk think thimk.

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