Friday, 5 August 2005

EBBP 1: from The Thorngrove Table

What a lovely surprise first thing in the morning! I just received my package for the first Euro Blogging By Post (incited by Andrew of Spitoon) last Tuesday. The lovely Christina of Thorngrove Table gifted me with such delectables as - homemade Lemon Curd and Gelee de Shiraz plus Gentlemen's Relish and our family's old favourite almond and chocolate covered pretzels (brand name: Peppero). Yum!

As for the lemon curd and gentlemen's relish, I've seen these countless of times in supermarkets and delis but I've never tried them. First off the relish, I must admit I was overwhelmed by the strength of flavour on my first bite. It was only then that I saw the sign on the lid that says - "spread sparingly" - or something like that. 'Well,' my husband said, 'that's not the first time you've tried out something before reading the manual !' Okay okay, stop the lecture I get it now - the procedure is similar to eating Marmite. Spread verrrry thinly over toast then munch. Hmmm ... very nice I quite like it. Me and the husband was having it over breakfast and tried out having both the relish *and* the lemon curd in one toast. The strange combination was actually good! I certainly am gonna have more of these. We now are in a running debate on what to do with the lemon curd. Husband insists on having it in his toast every morning while I want to make a pastry or dessert with it. Let's see who can use it up the fastest. ;)

The gelee de shiraz is still jelling in my fridge - Christina said this is good as a condiment to meats. I'll keep that in mind next time we have roasts. I love trying these food for the first time they're such an adventure and revelation. And don't ask about the choc pretzels, the kids found it so they were long gone before I came home from work. :(

A big big thank you to Christina for these delectables. I really appreciate it. I wouldn't have tried these if she hadn't sent them. It was so nice to answer the door first thing in the morning and be handed a package of goodies. Now I just have to pack up *my* box and send it off somewhere in the continent. This is such fun!

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