Thursday, 9 December 2004

Interesting Finds

I know, I know, you must be sick and tired of me saying Spanish this and that. But indulge me one last time, see the picture above? I got them from a grocery shop in Valencia. They're chocolate coated round-with-a-hole-biscuit (cookie) branded as Filipinos. Mabuhey! :-) They come in varieties coated with dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate.

The first time I saw this years ago when my husband brought one from a business trip I was taken aback. Actually offended ! Why would anyone name a biscuit after us? Grrrrrr! To rub in our flat nose that we're brown skinned sweet nice smelling delicious like those biscuits? Uh, that doesn't sound bad really, does it? Then I thought it's a good product judging from the way me and my kids and their friends fight over it. (Waaah, nothing left in the fridge!) So me thinks it's not really dreadful being named after a good biscuit. I researched the origin of this in the internet several years back and there was a story that the recipe was bought by Nabisco from a baker somewhere in Spain who named his creation after his Filipino friends who like their namesakes are brown and very nice. Well not bad, afterall there are a lot of things we call after certain group of people - men wear 'Amerikanas', we make lantern with 'papel de Japon', we eat French fries, French bread, Swiss cheese, Belgian chocolate, Chinese dim sums, English Patis ... ooopss erase that last one. I was wondering though what's with the hole in the biscuit ??

I've got Cadbury drinking chocolate powder in my cupboard, the 'tablea' drinking from the Phils. is shaped like a big pill, some of Hershey's drinking chocs are in gooey liquid form but this is the first time that I've seen it shaped into a bar (see above).

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