Sunday, 31 October 2004

Lechon Paksiw

Lechon Paksiw

This is probably the shortest recipe I have posted here. Simple and so easy to make. Great for meals accompanied by salad or a vegetable dish. Lechon means a roast, while paksiw is a Filipino cooking method of stewing meat in vinegar. This dish is more or less a way of recycling pork lechon using the roasted meat and its accompanying liver sauce. Although for me this is the only thing I wait for in a pork lechon. I'm not really fond of the roast itself.

When we moved to HongKong, I looked for a substitute for the Filipino pork lechon and found a worthy one in the regular Chinese roasted pork. I have to adjust the soy sauce of course because the Chinese version is much saltier than the home variety. So in case you're using the regular lechon, double the soy sauce measurements. I used the Mang Tomas brand of regular liver sauce. They have the spicier version as well which you can use to give it a little kick.

Lechon Paksiw

500 g  Chinese roast pork - cut into roughly 1-inch cubes
2/3 cup lechon liver sauce
1/3 cup vinegar
1/2 - 1 Tbsp dark soy sauce
1 Tbsp firmly packed brown sugar
2 tsp minced garlic
1/2 tsp peppercorns
2 bay leaves
1/2 cup water
  1. Mix all ingredients in a saucepan (preferably non-metal).
  2. Bring to a boil. Turn down heat to low and simmer for about 40 minutes or until meat is very tender.


poppycock said...

you know we're going to have lechon for our halloween party later, and i'll be sure to make paksiw out of the left overs. i will follow your recipe :)

happy halloween!


Anonymous said...

So Filipino. Ang sarap sana kaya lang bawal sa akin. Kaya heto, enjoy na lang sa patingin-tingin. Buti na lang magaganda pictures nyo nila Sassy! hehe

roh mih said...

This is one of my favorite food, although mom rarely cooks them. Just one question: is it okay NOT to include the brown sugar? The lechon liver sauce is already sweet.

May I also request for a special pinakbet recipe?


Tanggero said...

wow! one of my peyburit at miss ko na to! I remember na every new year, may dalang ulo ng lechon ang tito ko at ang left over, pang-lechon paksiw sa berdey ko.

celia kusinera said...

Mayamaya: hi there! Pls remember if you use the Pinoy lechon increase the soy sauce or decrease the vinegar.

Anonymous: I cook this only once in a while. A little of this won't probably hurt you. As they say moderation is the key.

Roh mih: hello! yes you can omit the sugar. Let your taste be the guide. About the pakbet, why didn't you tell me! :LOL: Our accompanying veg dish for this was pakbet. But never mind I'll try to post one for you within a week. I'll just make sure our neighbors went out for the day or are on holiday.

Tanggero: Sarap niyan!